Anibio Ambiance Spray 500 ml


Anibio Ambiance Spray

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Long term protection.

Ambiance Spray

Anti-parasite spray for immediate and long-term protection from:

- fleas, flea larvae + eggs
- mites and lice
- and other vermin

Only about 10% of a flea population live directly on the animal, whereas about 90% live in the animal`s surroundings. For the treatment to be successful, it is therefore necessary to deal with the parasites in the animal`s surroundings.

- for the treatment of sleeping and resting areas
- also for cagesand inshared living areas, e.g.carpets, blankets, furniture, chairs and floors
- for cars, outside cagesand terrariums

ANIBIO Ambiance Spray penetrates the parasites through their respiratory tracts and dries them out.

It contains a purely vegetable active agent and so is suitable for use in the surroundings of young animals.

Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Hurry! only 969 items left in stock.
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