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Meow to all you friends!
I am Patatino, the spoke man of Nature, chosen by Zampette Solidali, to create this web site that will be:

The first store that really loves all animals


The first store that really loves all animals:

  • Respecting all animals, their environment and nature
  • We do not buy raw material tested on animals
  • We do not buy products tested on animals
  • We do not buy leather object fur, feathers, silk and wool–cashmere if it is not organic
  • Non acquistare prodotti che contengono ingredienti di origine animale
  • We are vegan/vegetarian


Patatino Store is the compromise between the nature and who really loves animals.


In Patatino Store you will find natural food and organic products, made in Italy accessories and really cruelty free, homeopathic and holistic remedies.
We do not have much food simply because I have chosen my suppliers accurately.
We have chosen real ethic products that respects nature and , for food with meat, that do not come from intensive farming systems. Nowadays it is fashionable to say “holistic food, natural food” but the most part of the food for the human being, especially Italian or form the east of the world, becomes form intensive farming systems. I can’t say that the food is natural if the animal has lived in the captivity for two or three years and feed with food that makes him grow in 6 months instead of two or three years. It is important to me to underling the importance of a real natural food chosen with respect for nature and animals.
I guarantee I have tested them one by one!

What it means to me:


  • The selected food with meat come outdoor retiring and there are not exhausting journeys to slaughter house
  • The slaughter takes place in very near places
  • Vegetables, legumes and cereals come from biological agriculture without ogm
  • The dry food (croquettes) in not made with flour but with organic meat
  • The cosmetic products come from biological agriculture



  • The product does not contain animal parts
  • It if contains animal parts (only in cat and dog food) the animals come from non intensive farming systems where they lived their life with dignity
  • That the company that produces and sells food does not subsidies vivisection nor research products.
  • All the products in our website are not tested on animals: neither the raw material nor the end products


PATATINO STORE ASK, the suppliers many questions:

Where does the raw material come from?

What kind of breedings are them?

How are animals fed and how they live?

Where do the fish (or fishes)come from?

Which are the additives permitted by Cee?

The end products are really cruelty free? And the raw material?

Which are the certifications?


I obviously suggest only the products that have passed the PATATINO-TEST and these are the ones that respect the living being and nature.

It has been hard and tiring but we animals want to eat well and keep us fit and live as long as we can with our human friends.


The origin of all products is cee also for the accessories.

I leave it to your taste and your health.


Many paws and enjoy your meal!