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Prodotto Naturale con Ioni d'argento

For dog and cat

Advanced Oral Health for Dogs and cats

The Micromed Vet Tooth Cleaner is an easier way to clean your pet´s teeth.

Just gently rub to remove bacteria and plaque, prevent tartar build up and freshen breath.


How it works

The Micromed Vet Tooth Cleaner contains 12,000 times more fibres than a conventional toothbrush, which means gentle but more effective cleaning power and plaque removal. Each fibre contains special antibacterial silver ions that destroy bacteria on contact, while the cleaning action massages the gums to maintain oral health. Try with Micromed Vet Tooth Polish “PRISTINE” for best results.


How to use it

Pop the Micromed Vet tooth cleaner over your index finger with the loop around your middle finger like a sock. Gently rub over your pet’s teeth using a circular motion. Rinse well during and after use. Replace after 6 weeks of daily use to ensure a fresh supply of antibacterial silver ions.


How to clean the tooth cleaner

Simply rinse the tooth cleaner under warm water and leave to dry. The silver ions will destroy any bacteria – it’s really easy!

Hurry! only 825 items left in stock.
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